Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tips for Online Artist and Music Promotion

It is important for every music artist to have a professional promotional package that sets him apart from other bands and musicians. Whether you are promoting your music online or trying to get a gig, it is important to have an online presence of your music and you as an artist to compete other bands and musicians.
It is very difficult for an upcoming artist to get his work recognized. There are thousands of established artist coming with their albums regularly which makes the job of an upcoming artist even more tougher.
I will list few points here that will help you with your online music promotion campaign-
1. Choose appropriate music-
As a musician, your most important goal is of-course to get your music heard. Choosing appropriate music for your promotional package will require some thought. If you are trying to impress radio stations, press, music label companies or popular agents, remember first impression is the last impression. These people receive countless music every day from different musicians, DJ's and they won't sit back and listen your complete album. Make a short demo of your music you consider best to impress the listener before they switch to next.
2. Write a short Biography-
A short biography about yourself is very important. The band which decides to work with you will need some information about you. A bio less than a page is enough and don't try to make it overly cool or freaky. Maintaining professionalism is always advisable whatever music you deal with.
3. Have a website representing you-
It is very important to have a website representing you and your brand. Everything on the website starting from color schemes, music and other content should represent who you are as an artist. A website presence is very important for your online music promotion campaign as most of the people these days prefer listening to music online, maybe on their smart phones and even label companies and music agents also have an eye online in search of good artists. Ignoring this platform is like closing all doors.
4. Use video sharing: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.-
Music artists and other performers have a great platform in the form of video sharing. There are popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and where you can upload your content and promote it for visits and responses. Some sites also check for the original content so you don't have to worry about your work getting stolen.
5. Use Social Networking platforms: Facebook, Twitter, etc.-
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter don't need much of introduction. You probably already have an account here. It is important to connect with your fans in a professional yet creative way and then these sites can prove to be powerful tools for marketing your work, getting recognized and successful.

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